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Compact Electric Motor ManufactureQuality Assurance

Dealing with Increases in Lead-Time Caused by New Fault-Testing Equipment.
Intuitive, all-in-one solution has minimal impact on lead-time.

Electronic Component ManufactureDesign and Development

Speeding Up Current Measurement.
Kikusui Solution Enables Accurate Analog Readings with no Complex Setup.

Consumer Electronics ManufactureManufacturing

Rethinking Inefficient Testing Power Supplies.
We’ll look at an energy-efficient power supply that delivered a 15% reduction in factory CO2 emissions.

Power Supply ManufactureFuel Cell Development

The Headache of Imprecise, Low Quality Load Banks (variable resistors).
Configuring load banks used to be a chore, but now it’s a breeze for anyone to configure a load precisely at the twist of a dial.

Electric Motor Manufacture (QM Power)Product Development

Motor Manufacturer Needed High-Performance Power Supply for EV Applications.
Kikusui’s compact, high-capacity, variable-frequency power supply to the rescue!

Semiconductor manufactureDevelopment

Manufacturer required load that would enable stringent load variation testing of point of load converters.

Electric vehicle component manufacturerQuality assurance

Insufficient Electronic Load Capacity Means High-Voltage Components Can’t be Tested.
The Mission to Find an Efficient, High-Capacity Solution.

Battery ManufactureProduction Technology

A battery manufacturer wanted an efficient solution for measuring the impedance of electric vehicle batteries.
We look at a state of the art device that is able to test both batteries and individual cells.

Electric Motor ManufactureDesign and Development

Manufacturer’s fight with vibration to keep electric motor production line running.
A large-capacity inverter type power supply with a low-ripple current and low noise solves problems.

Electronic component manufacturing companyQuality Assurance dept

Evolving test standards continuously keeps us upgrading test environments.
An intuitive software that reduced the risk of failing the compliance test.

Battery manufacturerDesign development dept

Wanted to simulate the discharge current of a device.
Charge/Discharge system controller that integrated complicated secondary battery evaluation system into one unit.

Electronic circuit manufacturing companyQuality assurance dept

Wanted to streamline multiple Inspection processes.
DC multi-output power supply suitable for inspection on electronic circuits.

Automotive manufacturerDesign development dept

DC power supply capable of conducting voltage variation test on the latest model of cars.
Solution to support peak current up to 6 times that of the rated output.

Fuel Cell ManufacturerQuality Inspection dept

Wanted to boost efficiency of inspection process on Fuel Cell.
Electronic load with impedance measurement capability simplifies the test.

Electric component manufacturerDesign and development dept

Shifting to developing the higher capacity power supplies is accelerated.
Solution to increase test power supplies efficiently.

Automotive battery manufacturerQuality verification dept

Wanted to conduct four electrical safety tests effectively.
Multifunction safety tester supporting IEC61851 compliance test for battery.

Automotive component manufacturerResearch and development dept

Test environment conflict happens in a test environment where infrastructure is shared across several development teams.
Solution to improve the development environment and contribute to recruiting engineers.

Refrigerator manufacturing companyProduction department

Distortion of output waveform from AC source deteriorates production throughput.
The way to improve product quality and increase the production capacity.

Battery manufacturing companyDesign development dept

Wanted to conduct efficient evaluation tests on high voltage batteries.
The way to cut down the development period without depending on manpower.

Server manufacturingQuality development dept

High voltage DC power supply supporting sequence function and power supply variation test is required.
How to configure development environment to perform the accurate test effectively.

Automotive electronic component manufacturingProduct development department

Company K wanted to conduct a test simulating battery characteristic efficiently without making external circuits.
Test environment capable of setting test conditions and monitor via LAN was realized.

Automotive electronic component manufacturingProduct development department

How Kikusui helped speeding up 1-week task to duplicate captured waveform from a vehicle to 3 hours without an arbitrary waveform generator.

Precision component manufacturingResearch and development

How Kikusui helped company P gain test environment with high precision variable DC power supplies in their limited installation space.

Automotive components manufacturerResearch and development

How Kikusui helped a small company gain big company testing capabilities to speed production...and save money, too.

Manufacturer of electronic componentsDesign and development

How a Kikusui system supporting rapid voltage and current changes helped improve a company’s testing results.

Manufacturer of serverDesign and development

How Kikusui provided one company with the power it needed improve the quality of their products while shortening their development time.