PLZ-5WH Series

Compact High Voltage DC Electronic Load (CC/CR/CV/CP/ARB)


The PLZ-5WH high power DC electronic load series is where durable, reliable ingenuity meets multifunctional and high power design. Up to 20kW can be achieved with a single unit. Thanks to the highly power dense design of the PLZ-5WH, this series can sink up to 20kW of power in a single unit. Load simulation can be achieved faster than ever before thanks to the reliable, high speed design of the PLZ-5WH current control circuits. Accurate current measures can be made with extremely high setting resolution. A color LCD display allows for highly visible, user-friendly front panel operation. RS232C, USB, and LAN digital interfaces are included as standard for simple integration into any system.


  • Wide ranging operation voltage up to 800 V
    Operating voltage ranges from 10 V to 800 V.
    Minimum operating voltage required to sink current is 1.5 V.
  • Maximum Slew Rate of 20 A /μs
    The PLZ-5WH series boasts a 20 uS rise time, easily satisfying the critical needs of power supply evaluation tests demanding a fast transient response.
    *When using the PLZ20005WH
  • Parallel operation
    Up to 100kW with parallel operation (Max. 5 units)
    The PLZ12005WH/PLZ20005WH can be connected in parallel to increase the maximum system capabilities up to 100kW. While connected in parallel, one master unit has complete control of the slave unit(s), allowing the user to control the entire system and monitor all data from the master unit's front panel. Parallel operation requires one optional parallel cable for each slave unit (up to 4). The master and slave unit settings are configured automatically upon connection. Standalone settings automatically return to normal after removing parallel cable and restarting the unit.

    Maximum current and power during parallel operation using the same model

    Parallel Operation Number Maximum current/Maximum power
    PLZ12005WH PLZ20005WH
    2 480A/24kW 800A/40kW
    3 720A/36kW 1200A/60kW
    4 960A/48kW 1600A/80kW
    5 1200A/60kW 2000A/100kW
  • Flexible communication interface
    LAN, USB and RS232C standard digital interface. *GPIB Option
  • Arbitrary I-V characteristics (ARB) mode
    In ARB mode arbitrary I-V characteristics can be set by entering multiple I-V points (voltage and current value set points). 3 to 100 points can be registered and the spaces between all points are automatically linearly interpolated. The minimum voltage (0.00V) and maximum voltage (808.00V) are fixed. This mode can be used for the simulation of LED drivers and other DUT's with non-linear characteristics.


Model Specification
PLZ20005WH Manual... Scheduled to be Discontinued.
DC Electronic Load: Max. 20 kW, 10 to 800 V, 400 A. Equipped with four modes (Constant Current / Constant Resistance / Constant Voltage / Constant Power) plus Arbitrary I-V Characteristics (ARB) mode to reproduce nonlinear load characteristics.Sequence control functionality enables actual-load simulations. Parallel operation enables scalability. Comes with LAN, RS232C and USB communication interfaces installed as a standard feature. *GPIB Option

Options (Related products)

GPIB converter
Interface converter providing GPIB functionality through RS232C or USB interface for Kikusui measurement devices and power supplies without GPIB installed. [Accessories: 5 Vdc power cord set, magnetic sheet]

Parallel operation signal cable kit
One cable required for each slave/booster unit.
Cable length : 1m
*This is an accessory. It is included as a spare for if the original is lost.

Bracket (Inch size) for PCR2000LE, PLZ12005WH, PCR12000WE2(R)

Bracket (Metric size) for PCR2000LE,PLZ12005WH, PCR12000WE2(R)

Bracket (Inch size) for PLZ20005WH

Bracket (Metric size) for PLZ20005WH